14 Mohawk Deer Wreck

Diving at this site allows you to visit the only wreck of a recent ship, 120 meters long, sunk in the waters that are now part of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino. The ship was shipwrecked in 1967 after a violent storm, when it was about to arrive in the Port of La Spezia where it would have been decommissioned.
The wreck is between 18 and 45 meters deep and, if observed from the outside, has no particular pitfalls.
The first to appear is the bow of the ship, still in fair condition, inclined on one side and facing upwards. Deeper into the ship you can see the broken hull of the ship, reduced for the most part to large sheets resting on the bottom. In the wreck, among the clearly evident parts, you can see the anchor with its chain and the winch that was used to sail it.
The central part of the ship is largely degraded, with evident skeletal structures of the crew quarters.
In the stern part, the skeleton of the ship forms a potentially passable tunnel to the deepest area, at the end of which the sheets appear colonized by numerous branches of red gorgonians. It is advisable to visit only externally this part of the wreck.

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