Wreck Bettolina

The bettolina is a river boat for transport (38 meters long), converted into a military ship in conflicts.
Lying on a seabed from -26 meters to -32, perfect for the most experienced divers. Unfortunately lying on a muddy bottom, which often afflicts its visibility.
Sunk on 12 February 1944 by the Allies. He was carrying provisions and cement.
The machine guns were removed, but the kitchen, the engine room and the propeller are still present. In the hold octopuses find shelter for their burrows. On the hull instead a beautiful colony of jewel anemones.
It is a very beautiful dive with an important history, still a source of study for enthusiasts.
The name in fact was not Bettolina, it was not bombed at night and there were no victims, contrary to what was known before.
Thanks to Claudio Grazioli (link) today we know much more about its history, we recommend a study before diving to fully enjoy the dive.

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