10 Scoglio Raviolo

The name of the dive site is inspired by the shape of the rocky cliff that lies above the surface of the sea.The chain of the mooring buoy allows you to descend to a depth of 14 meters where there is a fairly irregular seabed with many ups and downs, consisting of large boulders and covered with algae or a beautiful prairie of Posidonia oceanica.
Beyond the grass esplanade, at a depth of 20-25 meters, there is a siphon that allows the descent up to about 32 meters from the surface.
A beautiful wall of Red Gorgonians and cracks on -30 meters. Following the wall to the left you intercept two small caves in which live small fish and crustaceans.
In this area are also common groupers and large crows. The caves are often home to musdee, lobsters, lobsters and conger eels.

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