19 Dry Isuela

This dive site is considered one of the most beautiful among those existing in the Mediterranean Sea.

At -13 meters there is the hat of this beautiful submerged mountain that descends to almost -60 meters.

On it you can already meet most of the species of the Mediterranean Sea.

The submerged walls exposed to the south appear covered with large branches of red gorgonians, around which numerous red damselfishes swim. In the deepest part, the gorgonians are mixed or replaced by numerous colonies of red coral. To the west of the northern side, in the basal part, on some large boulders still stand imposing colonies of red gorgonia and there is a rare colony of false black coral. Diving often allows you to observe, a short distance from the rock walls, large pelagic fish that periodically or occasionally approach the coast.

Often subject to strong currents, but given its shape it always offers a sheltered part.

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