Cargo Ship Wreck

The wreck, mistakenly called Cargo Armato, was actually a former ocean-going deep-sea fishing boat, built in 1926 in France. It was called "Icelande" and measured 64 meters in length, 10 in width and 6 in height.
In 1942 it was requisitioned by the Germans in Marseille to be transformed into submarine destroyers, was renamed "UJ2207" and became part of the "UJ22" flotilla, just like the "Marcella" and the "Incomprèse", also sunk a short distance away.

The ship ended her voyage on November 19, 1944, while executing the order to escort the steam "Dominante" from Genoa to La Spezia. Halfway through its journey, in the Bay of Sestri Levante, the scene of many sinkings during the Second World War, it is hit by British and American torpedo boats causing the loss of numerous human lives.
The wreck of the Cargo is located at a depth of between 26 and 36 meters.
The bow remains the best preserved part of the ship, where a large slot allows easy penetration of the wreck. The interior compartments are the ideal den for conger eels and lobsters. On the bridge, in addition to the machine gun barrels, the rails that once housed the mines, a small tank and the mooring tops are still visible; some bullets are also easily found, miraculously escaped by souvenir hunters.
Unfortunately, of the central part and the stern, devastated by torpedoes, little remains if not a few twisted sheets.

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