Wreck KT-UJ 2216

The ship was originally called Eros and was a splendid yacht belonging to a noble French, Baron Henri de Rotschild. It measured 65 meters long and 9.75 meters wide.
The first missions entrusted to this prestigious yacht were mostly diplomatic but later several modifications were made until it was transformed into the KT UJ 2216 (submarine hunter).
In September 1944, after a bitter battle with 4 Allied torpedo boats, which resulted in 6 dead and 17 missing, the UJ-2216 was hit by a torpedo at the stern, which caused the explosion of the grenades and ammunition on board. The ship quickly sank with the stern completely destroyed. The wreck now lies at a depth of 53 meters.

It is advisable to dive with great caution and only in optimal weather and sea conditions. The ship is completely enveloped by schools of roses Anthias, bogues, menole and large bream. The hull is then covered with beautiful incrustations that make it similar to a tropical garden.

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