Our Base

The Reception

Our first meeting takes place here, where we will get to know each other and where we begin our business together.

The Shop

Our corner of the articles
of our Diving Center.
T-shirts, brooches and divelogs

Locker room

Changing rooms, divided men and women (we are not bigots, but a little privacy never hurts) where you will find all the space you need and comfortable lockers with key for the security of your personal belongings.

Environment always sanitized and clean, where you too can help keep it clean

Cylinder Park

A large and extremely functional theory classroom, the perfect environment to learn.Changing rooms, men and women divided (we are not bigots,

Tanks room

A large and extremely functional theory room, the perfect environment for learning. Locker rooms, men and women divided.

The Classroom

The Theory and the meetings are carried out in a large and extremely functional classroom, the perfect environment to learn.


Massub offers you a complete experience! In addition to the convenience of boarding and proximity to the sea, you can arrive directly in front of the doors of the Massub with your car and unload the equipment. After that you can park in the paid parking lot of the port or, if you prefer to save a few coins to leave to the team 😉 you can leave your car in a free parking lot 200 meters from the Massub