I Courses

The first patents as a beginner

The cornerstone of the courses to become a diver!

Try Scuba Diving

It is the first level to start if you are a prince. Have you ever tried to breathe underwater? Remedy now with us!

Scuba Diver

A small big step. Receive the first patent, for -12 mt. The first dives will be your first dream come true.

Open Water Diver

The cornerstone of the courses.. Become a diver! The sea and diving are waiting for you, you just have to dive

Become an SSI Professional

Have you always dreamed of working in diving and traveling the world? Then it’s time to wake up, at Massub your dreams come true!

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. Excellent teacher demonstrates. The master inspires.”

Dive Guide- Divemaster

The first professional course.
Learn how to manage and guide divers.

Assistant Instructor

Learn the art of teaching and conduct diving tests

Instructor Course

End of games. Become an instructor and spread the passion of diving