1. He declares to be in possession of a DIVING PATENT that he undertakes to have with him and show, on simple request, to
    the managers of MASSUB or to his appointees, and to comply with the limits imposed by the same patent as well as those
    indicated by MASSUB or its agents;
  2. It undertakes to scrupulously follow all the indications and directives that will be provided by MASSUB, or by the guides and instructors
    appointed by it, before and during each dive, relieving and holding harmless MASSUB and the guides and instructors appointed by it
    from any responsibility for all damages, none excluded, which may be caused by the same, to their own
    person or to third parties, also for non-compliance with only one of the indications or directives given before or during each dive or
    for the untruthfulness of the declarations referred to in the following points;
  3. It guarantees that for each dive it will be equipped and will use all the equipment required by the diving standards or in any case
    necessary for the specific dive provided (eg night dive, in the cave, on a wreck), ensuring to have it in good condition and
    fully functional and committing to integrate it immediately at the simple request and unquestionable judgment of MASSUB
    or of the guides and instructors appointed by it;
  4. He declares to be in optimal psychophysical conditions to be able to participate in the dives and not to have taken in the 48 hours prior
    to the dive drugs, drugs and / or alcohol, and in any case not to make use of any other substance or food that presents
    contraindications to the performance of the underwater activity. He declares that he is not in an interesting state and that he is still
    aware of the serious consequences that immersion in such a state can entail.
  5. He declares to be fully aware of the dangers inherent in diving both in apnea and with self-contained breathing apparatus or with closed/semi-closed circuit devices
    . He is aware that the use of compressed gases during immersion may lead to the onset of decompression pathologies
    , gas embolism or other hyperbaric lesions that may require treatment in a hyperbaric / hospital chamber
    . You agree that the dives are carried out on boats without a hyperbaric chamber and in places distant in terms
    of time and / or space from the same freeing MASSUB from any responsibility related to such circumstances.
  6. You declare that you are aware that diving, in apnea or with self-contained breathing apparatus, are physically strenuous activities and that, during
    the dive, you will make efforts that could lead to breathlessness and / or panic. Declares to be in possession of a medical certificate of
    physical fitness for diving valid for the current year.
  7. Communicate to MASSUB or to the guides and instructors appointed by it the time elapsed since the immediately preceding
    dive if at least 24 hours have not passed;
  8. Accepts from now on at the sole discretion of MASSUB, or the guides and instructors appointed by the same, that any dive
    may be canceled or interrupted at any time, even limited to individual divers and that no compensation or reimbursement
    will be due as a result of delays on the scheduled times or as a result of the cancellation or interruption of the dives; Declares
    and accepts that, in case of voluntary renunciation of diving, and in any case due to MASSUB the compensation provided for the dive
    and the possible rental of the equipment;
  9. Declares to know the new regulation of execution and organization of the Marine Protected Area called "Portofino" pursuant to article 28
    , paragraph 5, of the law 31.12.1982, n.979 and also undertakes to respect the marine environment, not to remove anything from the seabed;
  10. Accept from now on that in the event that a companion guides me in immersion, his task, like that of MASSUB, will be
    solely to illustrate the characteristics of the seabed;
  11. It accepts, for any dispute arising from participation in the activity described above, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the place where MASSUB is based
  12. You consent to the processing of your personal data pursuant to the U.And. 679/2016